Graph Type
Bar Chart
Pie Chart
Line Graph
Bar Chart Properties
Random Colours
Pie Chart Properties
Show Labels
Show Numbers
Random Colours
Bar and Pie Chart Data
Line Graph Properties
Thicker Lines
Show Points
Show Lines
X-values as text
Line 1 Points
Line 2 Points

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This example shows how bar charts, pie charts and line graphs can be produced using randomly generated data. The radio button at the top selects the graph type. Data can be selected by clicking the button and the data is displayed in the text areas. The buttons are enabled and disabled as appropriate. The checkboxes control some of the different properties of each graph.

This file can be saved by your browser or you can view the source code to see how it works. As a very brief summary the Javascript functions are in the header. Then there is a form, called "form1". The csXGraph object is generated after the form. The licence information needed by the client comes from our server in the .lpk file and the OCX control is packaged into a CAB file. The object instance is called "Graph1".